Sunday, 15 June 2008

North American style...

Apologies for yet another interuption - a trip over the pond has interupted regular transmission. Currently in NYC (The Phantom of the Opera was tremendous) and heading back to Washington DC tomorrow where I've been schmoozing with politicos and taking in the sites of the world's capital. It's a cracking city and well worth a visit. Back on again soon.


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Back to... whatever

Hello all. Thanks for the messages of support and apologies for a lack of action on the blog for the last few weeks. I've been off sick. Now back at work but still feel like crap so will still be lite on the blog. I just had to get the photo of Boris off the top of the blog!

First up, a quick well done to Mr Obama who has (according to him anyway) won the Democratic primary and will be their nominee for President. Mrs Clinton will not be his VP candidate I understand from my sources stateside... hardly an exclusive, but never mind. (Incidently - and this is mostly for Jeff - check out 10 reasons why Obama won. Apparently he is the equivilent of "The West Wing's" Matt Santos, right down to the story-writing...)

In response to Arnie's comment - there generally hasn't been that much happening up here no. Unless you forget about Alexander the Great (or should that be Alexander the Grate?)'s "Bring it on" statement regarding the independence referendum which left her almost out of the picture in the UK Labour party (see above).

The Tories held their annual conference in Ayr (with the usual hot air spouted). Apparently they will win enough Scottish seats to "fill a people carrier" at the next General Election. That's right up there with Labour's "best small country in the world" ambitions...

Davie is back - for one post only - to point out the potential Basque referendum on whether they have the sovereign right to determine their future in a future referendum. As he says, entirely different to here because, as much posturing as is going on in the Unionist parties, I think they would generally accept that if the Scottish people voted for independence in a referendum they would accept that as the will of the people. The Spanish Government on the other hand has openly refused to acknowledge the right of the Basque people to determine their own future. Interesting stuff - and something I may look at in the future...

That it for now, I'm off for a nap to give my head a rest.



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