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Euro-election liveblog

Jeff & Will are liveblogging the European election coverage. Don't want them to get lonely so I may join them now and again.

2312: Right, I can't be bothered any more. I'm still hopeful the Greens might nick the last seat but it is looking increasingly likely that the Lib Dems will take it. UK-wide it is still early, but I don't think my predictions on Wed will be too far off. I'll wait and find out tomorrow morning. Until then, enjoy my graphic one more time...

2258: I've just flicked from BBC News 24 to BBC Scotland (which I didn't realise was on!) so now I'll be able to focus on Scottish seats... unless I decide to go to bed!

Those previous figures were solely for North & Leith. Edinburgh-wide, figures are:

SNP - 24,417
Con - 21,823
Lab - 20,330
LD - 19,799
Green - 15,589
UKIP - 4,104
Oth - 4,000

Massive for the SNP winning that (21%) with the Tories second (19%) and Labour rolling home in 3rd (18%) Lots of Labour MPs in Edinburgh looking pretty concerned I would think.

According to Tory Westminster candidate for Edinburgh North & Leith (where I stay for Westminster but not Scottish Parliamentary elections) Iain McGill, the vote was tighter than a duck's hind quarters:

SNP - 4965
Lab - 4324
LD - 4201
Con - 4199
Green - 4014
UKIP - 753

Five parties within 1,000 votes of each other?! Where does that happen. Can't wait to see the Lib Dems' "only we can beat Labour here" bar charts for Edin North & Leith now!

2235: Patrick Harvie seems to now believe that the Greens will fall short in Scotland. Judging by Brian Taylor's comments before, he may be right.

Brian Taylor has the SNP on 29% across Scotland with Labour on 21%. He is predicting 2 SNP seats, 2 Labour, 1 Tory and 1 Lib Dem. We'll find out soon enough I guess.

Answer to that could be YES if BBC reports from Wales are to be believed. The Tories topping the poll there?! Gordon Brown is such a bad PM that he's lost Wales to the Tories? Surely not...

Will has the SNP topping the poll in Renfrewshire (seat of Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy) and in South Lanarkshire. Two areas not exactly known for SNP voting. Could this bad night for Labour be an absolute shocker?

First result in from North-East England region. Labour top the poll. Seats breakdown:

LAB - 1
CON - 1
LD - 1

No change. Though the share of the vote is interesting. -9% for Labour in an area where they have 28 of the 30 Westminster seats. Not much to look at trend-wise I don't think.

Jeff has the result from Glenrothes count for Fife:

Lab - 21,248
SNP - 21,043
Lib - 10,613
Con - 10,110

Marginal win for Labour. Decent news for them there... but not amazing. Would the SNP have expected to win the vote there?
No word on the Green vote there yet.

According to the Lib Dems on Twitter, they've topped the poll in Burnley by over 1,000 votes from Labour. Big BNP vote in council elections there last time out - they would have expected a big Euro vote too. Is it too hopeful to think that might not happen for them?

Green MSP Patrick Harvie spreading rumours on Twitter.

18% vote for the Greens in Glasgow? That'd be huge for them.

Brian Taylor on BBC - advising Iain Gray he may want to consider his position on the back of Labour's showing in the European elections. He is suggesting that the SNP win the poll fairly handily and that Labour may have done badly. Very badly.

Yousuf says Labour will only get one MEP in Scotland. Would that constitute a disaster? Assuming he is basing his findings on Glasgow - if they can't win there, where can they win?
Feel free to use my graphic...

I have what constitutes a result for you from the Moray Scottish Parliamentary constituency.

SNP - 6960
CON - 4078
LAB - 1760
LD - 1744
UKIP - 1532
Green - 1532

SNP vote up 8% from 2004 EU election, only party vote up. Good share for UKIP and Green, as well as the Tories. I know this is the SNP heartlands... but anything we can draw from it? Perhaps the Green vote increase might reflect a national trend.

A note for any Labour voters from Aled off The Chris Moyles Show:

Good to know that there is someone to help you if there is anything upsetting you tonight...

2038: Yousuf lets us know (via Twitter) that "Glasgow is bad. Really bad." Now, he might just be confirming what us Edinburghers already know, or he might be talking about the Euro vote. But bad in what way? Turnout? Or Labour numbers. I suspect the latter...

2016: Some early tidbits for you.

I hear that in Moray, where the SNP could stand a sheep with a yellow & black rosette as a candidate, their vote is up 9% from their 2004 Euro vote.

Remember though, the SNP's vote share in 2004 dropped so badly that John Swinney stood down soon afterwards.


Sean 7 June 2009 at 21:11  

Would we have expected our vote in Moray to have gone up more than 8%?

Malc 7 June 2009 at 21:18  

You're hard to please eh?

Fat Boab 7 June 2009 at 21:19  

I could see the Greens getting 18%. I know plenty of people who would normally vote for the major parties and they've gone for the Greens this time.

Malc 7 June 2009 at 21:21  

Fat Boab.

I did. And I know several people who also did. 18% though? That's pretty big!

Yousuf Hamid 8 June 2009 at 17:36  

shows what I know.... seems like we got our 2nd MEP by aout 8000 votes.

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