Thursday, 6 May 2010

601st Post: Liveblogging later

I have decided to liveblog the election, probably until around 4-5am, depending when we get some good results.  Maybe even 6am if I end up being hardcore.  I will be tweeting too - but 140 characters is just not enough for any kind of analysis, so I'll be adding that here too.

Important to note - I won't be "breaking news".  I'm just not that sort of guy - I don't have the amount of sources required for that.  But when results break I'll break them down - hopefully in a more balanced way than the talking heads on TV later.  

I should be more balanced too - I'm a member of party X, campaigned for party Y and will probably vote party Z.  And none of the three of them is likely to provide the PM on Friday (or next week, or whenever we find out who it is!).

So, I'll be back around 10pm.  Join in the debate.


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