Monday, 28 July 2008

Best of the Blogs...

I recently sent my list of favourite blogs to Iain Dale for his compilation of the 100 best for his Blog Digest. Have been asked by several people how I voted and, after some deliberation, decided to post this:

#1 SNP Tactical Voting
The sheer volume of posts (and the quality) make Jeff's SNP Tactical Voting blog essential dailly reading. Some thoughtful posts on wider society, Scotland and local politics make it an interesting mix.

A friend from uni, STB will be mad I didn't give him the number one spot. Some great gossip from parly (how does he get such good sources?!) and some (not so good) predictions. Well worth a look.

Went a bit... bitter & partisan during the by-election but nontheless the pre-eminent Scottish Labour blogger. Useful to get a read on Labour's big ideas - she'll surely be one of those 'thinking big thoughts' in years to come.

Number-cruncher extraordinaire, ASwaS's terrific posts on the boundary changes merit inclusion in the Top 100 alone. Some other excellent stuff from the by-election, especially on the day.

The weekly report on Parliament. Despite working there, I still get my round-up from MacNumpty - and that's a compliment to the man.

Has become the premier Lib-Dem blogger - something which I'm not sure he's that comfortable with. Blog remains insightful and, as STB says, "not too Lib-Demmy" for a Lib Dem.

A Green perspective on Scottish politics, the pieces tend to be short, fun and to the point. Nice for a brief read. Incidentally - does anyone know why it's called "Two Doctors"?

#8 Blether with Brian
Brian Taylor's blog should've been titled "Brian's Braces" such is the fame his galluses hold. Blog is always insightful, analytical and, despite seeing him report on Scottish politics for many years, neutral. Anyone know who he votes for?

#9 Ideas of Civilisation
Long and more detailed mosts - which you would expect from a blog with a Voltaire quote as it's title. Good stuff. Its at number 9 as I usually only read it once a week - like the Sunday papers...

Since Davie Hutch handed over the blog to the mysterious Anseo, posts have become less frequent. However, still covers a variety of political issues across the continent.

So there we go. Let the scratching out of my eyes commence.


Anonymous,  28 July 2008 at 19:21  


Thanks for the vote. Good to see you back.

Jeff 28 July 2008 at 23:49  

Thanks a lot Malc!

I echo IoC, there was a hole in the blogging scene with you gone...

Stephen Glenn 29 July 2008 at 10:09  

Malc it's just like a new pair of shoes, I'll settle into it possibly. I take about a year away from blogging, ease myself back in and now find out everytime I'm in a gathering with fellow Lib Dems (of all altitudes) or from comments posted elsewhere on the blogosphere just who does read the thing.

And good to have you back again.

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