Monday, 21 July 2008

What would you spend 100 Billion on?

I've avoided blogging about Glasgow East for several reasons:

1) There's so much else about it on the blogosphere at the moment (and some of it not that nice).

2) I'm not close enough to the action to make any properly informed comment and/ or predictions about what is going on on the ground.

3) I'm almost glad that polling day is Thursday so that Parliament is a bit noisier...

So anyway, on a completely different topic, I note today that Zimbabwe is soon to introduce a $100bn note (yes - one hundred billion dollar - in true Dr Evil style).

Any thoughts as to what that would buy here? Obviously if we're talking pounds and not Zimbabwean money. 1,000 houses costing £1m each gives some idea of what we're talking about. But what will Z$100bn buy for you there I hear you ask?

What has an estimated rate of inflation (for 2008 ) of 10,500,000% done to an economy which, in 1980 was trading at Z$1 = US$1.47?

You'd need all of your Z$100bn note and then some to buy a LOAF OF BREAD in Zimbabwe.


Jeff 22 July 2008 at 09:56  

So, with Tasvangirai and Mugabe shaking hands today, there's a chance that Zimbabwe is going to get back on track.

Maybe it's worth buying a few of these 100bn notes and in a few years time they'll be worth a lot more.

Like, twenty quid, but even still....

ScottishToryBoy 22 July 2008 at 10:53  

Did you know a tin of beans in Zimbabwe costs $250bn?

Jeff 22 July 2008 at 11:18  


Probably not worth it if it's a supermarket own brand.

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