Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday Papers

Sunday papers make interesting reading.

From the Scotland on Sunday reporting that Labour are considering a "suicide election" soon to save them from an even bigger defeat in 2010 to the Sunday Herald claiming that former Labour leader Neil Kinnock is being asked to privately tell Gordon Brown that it may be time to resign, they don't make good reading for the embattled PM or his party. The Sunday Herald goes further by openly stating that Brown should go and that an election should be held quickly after Labour appoint a new leader, while Iain McWhirter claims Labour need a Brutus to stick the knife into Brown's back

So - is it time?

Glasgow East showed the level of anti-Labour feeling in their own heartlands. I'm not naive enough to think that all of the SNP's vote was a pro-SNP vote and there wasn't a bit of wanting to give the PM a clear message: that he is unpopular, his policies are not working and that maybe he should consider his position.

I think there may be something in the suicide election idea. Labour know they will get absolutely thumped if they go into an election with Gordon Brown as leader - possibly even worse than the Conservatives wipeout in 1997. So why not install a leader to take the fall - Jack Straw maybe - then regroup in opposition with the potential for a fresh candidate (Miliband) to take over (a la Tony Blair)? That's the Scotland on Sunday suggestion.

It does appear though, that whatever Labour does, they are looking at a long period of opposition to a Conservative party with David Cameron as leader.

Something to think about certainly.


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