Wednesday, 13 May 2009

And the money kept rolling in...

So, Communites Secretary Hazel Blears has written a cheque for £13,332 to the Inland Revenue for capital gains tax on the sale of her "second" home.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Phil Hope is also to pay back money - to the tune of £41,709 in second home allowances.

Just to put this in context, Blears' £13,332 cheque is roughly what I made (after tax) when I worked at the Scottish Parliament in a YEAR.

Who has that kind of money lying around in a bank account, with the ability to write a cheque straight off? The kind of people, perhaps, who know that they have done wrong and are ready to act when they are found out?

Yes, Lord Foulkes, we need to pay these people more money. Because goodness knows, they don't waste have enough of it already.


John Robertson Nicoll 13 May 2009 at 15:57  

So the "squirrel on steroids" is putting her hand in her pocket? I'd have been more impressed if she had done that before she was caught!

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