Friday, 29 May 2009

Executive Orders

Doing a wee bit of research in the last week on the SNP's record in Government. Here's some numbers I found interesting.

  • The 1999-2003 Scottish Parliamentary Session, under the Labour-Lib Dem coalition, saw 50 Executive bills (including budget bills) enacted into legislation.

  • The 2003-2007 Scottish Parliamentary Session, also under the Labour-Lib Dem coalition, saw 53 Executive bills (including budget bills) enacted into legislation. This despite Jack McConnell's pledge to "do less, better."

  • The (2007-2011) current session - in the two years under the SNP Government - has seen only 7 Executive bills (not including budget bills - for why, you'll have to ask the Scottish Parliament website) enacted into legislation. Though there will be several more before summer recess.

  • Interestingly though, the SNP have delivered (in some shape or form) on 50 of their manifesto commitments - in the main through non-legislative means.

Welcome to minority government.


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