Friday, 17 July 2009

Please help us!

As you can see from the note at the top of the page and the pretty cool widget at the top right, I've decided to run a marathon for the first time.

Obviously this is going to be a fairly tough challenge and one requiring a lot of hard training and a commitment not only to training but to eating healthily (and much more food than I've ever eaten before), drinking lots of fluids and talking about the charity we're raising money for as much as I possibly can.

I managed to convince my friend Audrey to run with me, assuring her that, despite having never done a marathon before, I knew what I was doing. Together we've set ourselves a modest target of raising £500 for MS Society Scotland. MS is a disabling neurological condition which affects young adults and in Scotland there are approximately 10,500 people with the disease - the highest proportion of a population anywhere in the world.

At the time of writing (and a litte under 48 hours since we started raising money) we're just under halfway to our total. For those who have already sponsored us some cash, we'd like to say a huge thanks. If you haven't yet, please think about doing so. We're not even asking for much - we know the financial situation at the moment. If you've a couple of quid or a fiver that is burning a hole in your pocket, please think about sponsoring us here.

Over the next 12 weeks we have lots of training to do. We'd like to share that experience with you. If you are on Facebook, we have a group there where we hope to upload some photos of the pain we're putting ourselves through, share some stories and (hopefully) get some words of encouragement from friends. (See screengrab below).

Big thanks to Caron (who has become our Chief Publicist!) for getting a blog post together before I had time to. Thanks also to Stephen for looking over the training programme we'd put together. And also to everyone's favourite former England captain Mr Will Carling for this:

Thanks again for the support.


Sam 18 July 2009 at 12:13  

I'm currently (and euphemistically) "between jobs" having moved to London recently but even if I don't get a job in the next few weeks I'll dig into my rent/cheap beer money in a couple of weeks. Good luck with the training

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