Thursday, 7 February 2008

Romney concedes

With all the fun and games over the budget in the last few days, I've missed out on commenting on the American Presidential election and the fall out from Super Tuesday in particular.

It went pretty much as I expected. The Democratic race remains too close to call, with various different news agencies reporting that Senators Obama and Clinton have varying numbers of delegates in the bag. The way it looks, it could come down the the Dem's "super-delegates" - the elected officials who are assigned a vote - to decide who their nominee will be.

On the other side of the aisle, John McCain looks ever more like the Republican nominee, even more so now that main challenger Mitt Romney has bowed out of the race. And while the Dems are dithering over which "first timer" to choose, McCain looks more statemanlike... and more Presidential.

While the Democrats - with all the uncertainty and the, at times, vicious campaigning - may have blown their shot at winning the Presidency in November, the 71 year old war vet now looks like the favourite for the job. And that, in my view, is not the worst thing that could happen.


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