Thursday, 7 February 2008

Scurrilous rumours

So my sources were a bit wide of the mark on the "Wendy quits" rumours. But while at her press conference she did her best to answer some of the questions surrounding her future - ie that she is categorically staying - it did not answer one question:

What will happen when Procurator Fiscal decides on the Standards Commission's referal?

While the Electoral Commission has effectively returned a verdict of "not proven" on the £950 illegal donation, the Standards Commission has reported Wendy Alexander for a breach of the rules regarding declaring donations.

Will Wendy continue to "serve the people of Scotland as leader of Labour in their Parliament" if found guilty of this breach? And should she, given a) the scandal she has brought upon her party and b) the incomprehensible position she led Labour into during the budget yesterday?

Incidentally, favourite line of attack from Angus MacNeil MP: "It's like in football, if the Electoral Commission is the referee and a player scores when he is offside. An offence has been committed, but he didn't mean to be offside, wasn't intentionally so, therefore we'll let the goal stand."

A whitewash indeed.


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