Thursday, 7 February 2008

Wendy cleared

I'm still in a bit of a daze after the high of seeing the historic budget passed yesterday. But I'm beginning to wonder what kind of daze the Electoral Commission is in.

You see, they have decided that it is "not in the public interest" to report Ms Alexander to prosecutors for her indiscretion regarding a dodgy donation.

The Commission has apparently determined that there is "not enough evidence to prove an offence had been committed."

Finally, they say that, even though Wendy took "significant steps" to comply with legislation, she has not taken "all reasonable steps".

Now, again, I am not a lawyer, but how can that be the case? Tom McCabe - a key aide during the leadership "campaign" admitted that they had broken the law in soliciting such a donation. Wendy Alexander herself admitted that she had broken the law but that there was no "intentional wrongdoing" on her part. Either you comply with the law - in which case you are innocent - or you do not, and are not innocent.

Whitewash anyone?


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