Monday, 16 February 2009

Capitals quiz - with a twist

I was helping my Gran the other day with a quiz and I thought it might entertain one or two of those whom read this. So here we are - they are cryptic clues to capital cities around the world. Not necessarily state capitals, but capital cities around the world. That's the disclaimer!

Here's an example:

"Is there a cake in this city?" - Answer "PARIS" (Eiffel cakes... or so my Gran tells me!).

So here you go. I'll put the answers in as people guess them. If you guess them! Also, there are a couple I'm not sure of yet!

1. Former Hearts player follows tin
CANBERRA (Juliane)

2. Fix a letter underwater
ANKARA (Malc's Mum)

3. 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4 etc...

4. Type of map followed by short greeting
OSLO (Malc's Gran!)

5. Two rivers together make this name

6. Escaped mammal

7. Repeatedly give money and leave

8. Add this to coffee in France
SUCRE (Gizem)

9. Swap D for R and drop S in this Aussie soap

10. Put a parent in a sack

11. Support for a broken arm (a drink)

12. Could be underfoot
SEOUL (Linda J)

13. Catchphrase in "Extras" with mirth HAVANA (Finlay)

14. Norse God using razor TORSHAVIN (Anon)

15. Anagram: A U G C L T G P E A I

16. Neckwear hands over cash TAIPEI (Sam)

17. In a field coming after five but before ten
KUWAIT (Finlay)

18. Burial place behind a vehicle

19. Wee Maureen turns whiter
PALERMO (Richard)

20. Organise a wee holiday

Good luck with that!


Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 09:58  

3, Dublin
10, Baghdad
14, Torshavn

Linda J,  16 February 2009 at 15:38  

12 . seoul

Linda J,  16 February 2009 at 15:47  

18. Khartoum

Juliane,  16 February 2009 at 15:51  

1. Canberra

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 16:34  

15. Tegucigalpa

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 12:30  

5. Budapest? (Tis g by the way Malc)

Malc 18 February 2009 at 13:00  

Budapest was my first thought too, but I don't think it is - Budapest is two CITIES (Buda and Pest) on two sides of one RIVER (Danube)... doesn't quite fit.

G? Gary? Graeme? George? Gandalf?!

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 20:58  

g as in the one you call smelly!

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 10:09  

#19 - Palermo

Malc 21 February 2009 at 09:24  


I don't think so. Its not a capital as far as I can see.

Neil,  22 February 2009 at 17:04  

Yeah, it was a tenious link, Koblenz is confluence in german, it isn't even a state capital in germany but thought it was worth a shot! Kicking myself eveytime i see a new answer go up!

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