Friday, 13 February 2009

To lose one advisor might be unfortunate, to lose four?

Nope, I'm not talking about Gordon Brown's FSA and UKFI advisors.

President Obama has had a fourth nominee for senior position in his Cabinet withdraw their name from consideration:
  • Bill Richardson was the original choice for Commerce Secretary, but withdrew due to a donations-for-contracts investigation.
  • Tom Dasche was meant to be Health Secretary, but pulled out due to tax questions.
  • Nancy Killefer was meant to oversee budget and spending reform, but also had tax questions raised.
  • And now, his second nomination for Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg - a Republican senator - has withdrawn his name from consideration due to "irresolvable conflicts" over key issues, particularly the stimulus package.
You would think that a wee bit more careful vetting would be the order of the day. That, or more careful selection of candidates for key positions.

Man, looks like this "change" thing might not happen quite as quickly as everyone expected. At this rate, President Obama will still be looking for a Commerce Secretary by the time the next election comes round...


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