Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Labour PPB. No, seriously.

Now, I'm not usually one for publicising party political broadcasts for the Labour party, but I hope you'll permit me just this once.

This is Labour's latest PPB and features an introduction to Iain Gray and spells out a few of Labour's ideas for Scotland.

Now I know there's not a huge amount of information or policy proposals pushed in the film, but I reckon this is actually a decent idea from Labour. They recognise that most people in Scotland wouldn't actually know Iain Gray if they bumped into him in the street so they've sent out a message about who he is, what he did and, in a smaller way, what motivates him.

But what is also interesting for me is, apart from a small dig at the SNP about the budget, there's really not much in it that other parties would have huge issues with.

"There's never been a more important time for investing in Scotland's people."

"We can have a Scotland of the 21st Century... a Scotland that's prosperous and fair."
Find me a Nationalist that would disagree with those ambitions for Scotland and I'll show you someone who has a visceral hatred of the Labour party.

I do I have a question arising from it though:

Are Labour now positioning themselves for more consensus and less conflict at Holyrood? Or is the film intended to show that, while it is the SNP that continue to pick fights with Westminster, Iain Gray is the new grown up on the block, and Labour are trying to provide mature opposition?

I suspect the latter... but either way, with the talk of SNP-Lib Dem coalitions post-2011, marketing themselves as consensus politicians is a smart move. And the pro-Scotland chat is just the thing that Labour need to claw back some of the votes they lost to the SNP the last time round.

Hat-tip: Kezia Dugdale


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