Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Word of the day: "Seize"

"Seize the day" is a phrase with positive connotations - from the Latin Carpe Diem - emphasising the need to make use of your time wisely.

Contrastingly, to "seize power" suggests something of a more negative tone - over-riding democracy to install a military junta for example. A military intervention might be helpful in this case, to "wrest control" away from those legitimately in power.

"SNP seizes control of Dundee Council for the first time"

screams The Scotsman today. They also point out the hand that (former Labour) Councillor John Letford played in the SNP's ability to "wrest control" of the council from the Lab-Lib Dem coalition.

I wonder if this is an indicator of why the Scottish print media appears to be in such bother. Maybe if they reported the news without such an inherent bias people might still read their stuff.

Anyway, I'm off to "wrest control" of the kettle.


Jeff 31 March 2009 at 18:31  

Have to agree, it's an odd choice of word.

(but I thought it was me that was meant to be the rabid cyber-nat these days...)

Malc 31 March 2009 at 19:25  

Nothing to do with being rabidly anything Mr SNP (Tactical) Voting.

It's all about the bias in the reporting. And my penchant for decent English.

subrosa 1 April 2009 at 00:27  

The Scottish media need to play to the labour press office. Surely you both read Robbie Dunwoodie's blog last week.

Stuart Winton 3 April 2009 at 18:36  

Well you might not be surprised to know that I'm inclined to disagree with you and think it's more about spicing the story up rather than being pejorative - indeed, it could be the case that it's positive in that it could be construe as doing something in the face of adversity.

I did a blog post on it, but since it's a few days since I started it and it's very tedious anyway the above tells you all you really need to know about the post:0)

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