Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Lib Dem Kayak

I haven't had a pop at my favourite party for a wee while... But I have found a policy that is worth a mention, and that's the Lib Dems current campaign to keep the opt-out for firefighters.

It seems that Lib Dem MEP (for the West Midlands, pictured left) Liz Lynne is fronting the "Scottish Lib Dems campaign" to keep the opt-out. Here's a quote from their campaign web-page:

"Lib Dem MEP Liz Lynne is fighting a tough battle in Brussels to keep the Opt Out after a vote by the European Parliament to scrap it. Liz Lynne is the shadow rapporteur for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe and the only UK lead for any party in the European Parliament, negotiating with government ministers from EU Member State."

Someone should really tell Scottish Lib Dem MEP Elspeth Atwooll (pictured below).
She supports the campaign publicly, as this quote illustrates:

“I have made sure that the European Parliament’s negotiating team is fully aware of the situation. It is essential that we reach an outcome that allows our valuable and valued system of retained firefighters to continue to function.”

Yet somehow she still managed to vote to
scrap the opt-out.

Looks like Liz Lynne's tough battle in Brussels was made even tougher... by someone in her own party!

Reminds me of a story about two Eskimos in a kayak who got a big chilly. They lit a fire in the middle of it, and it sank.

There's a lesson for the Lib Dems there - you can't have your kayak and heat it...


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