Friday, 18 April 2008

Blog week...

I had to laugh at Jeff's post today. On one level it would appear he has a point - things do seem to have mellowed out slightly here on the blogosphere - but on another - he's having a wee bit of a laugh.

Nice to see there does seem to be more of a debate to be had on substantive issues this week. I don't really want to turn this into a "review blog", but Aswas, Stephen Glenn, Jeff and myself have all weighed into the debate on blood donation. With wide ranging views, it has been an interesting discussion - which is what I like about blogging. It hasn't so much become a mouthpiece for me to get my view out - which was never my intention - but it has allowed me to enter into discussion with peers on important issues. So thanks to all for engaging me in the discussion this week - it's been refreshing.

Refreshing also to find a couple of new blogs offering different views to my own. Stephen Glenn's Lib Dem blog has been interesting while a the Two Doctors blog (which I was directed to by the rather excellent Scottish Tory Boy) offers an insight into the Green view - something which I hadn't discovered before. And given I already carried links to SNP bloggers and to the Labour thoughts of Kezia Dugdale and Councillor Ewan Aitken I now have a full set of parties represented!

Speaking of Ewan Aitken, I'm glad he's decided to include a link to my blog on his page. Increases the opprtunity for debate which, given that we disagree on most things, might be quite interesting!

So there we are - the future of the blogosphere is in good hands - I hope!


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