Thursday, 10 April 2008

He listened to me!

I promised I'd be more positive so here goes...

Well done Gordon Brown.

The man has finally decided to find a backbone and will not now attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics. He claims that he hadn't ever said he would go - which is possibly true* - but it has also been said to save China some face. He also says its not a boycott, he just doesn't want to go.

It doesn't really matter how he (or his press team) are spinning it. I know it that, after several blogs on the issue, he knew that he couldn't take the pressure any more, and had to listen to me. ;-)

So yes - well done. But there's still more to be done on the issue, its only a first step - but it is a welcome one.
*I find out from Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting and CNN that Gordon actually DID say he was off to Beijing for the opening ceremony. And as Jeff says, he also told us we'd have an election in the autumn and a referendum on an EU treaty then decided not to. Suddenly this post has gone from praise to... well, something else. Anyway, still well done on not going, old chap!


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