Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Final Countdown

Delighted to break into the Top 40 of Iain Dale's List of Scottish Blogs - as voted for by UK blog and Total Politics readers. At number #28 - no mean feat for someone who had to take an enforced break from blogging!

Very well done to all (from all parties - no bias shown here!). The full list is replicated below, and can also be viewed at the excellent Iain Dale's own blog.

Top 40 Scottish Political Blogs

1 Tom Harris MP
2 Mr Eugenides
3 SNP Tactical Voting
4 J Arthur MacNumpty
5 Kezia Dugdale's Sopabox
6 Scottish Tory Boy
7 Ideas of Civilisation
8 Two Doctors
9 Scots and Independent
10 Adam Smith was a Socialist
11 Stephen's Linlithgow Journal
12 Freedom & Whisky
13 Indygal
14 Tartan Hero
15 Blether with Brian
16 Doctor Vee
17 Calum Cashley
18 Clairwil
19 Cassilis
20 Andrew Burns's Really Bad Blog
21 Bid for Freedom
22 Fraser Macpherson
23 Granite City
24 North to Leith
25 Underdogs Bite Upwards
26 Anything Caron Can Do *
27 Havering On
28 Malc in the Burgh
29 Sound of Gunfire
30 Caron's Musings
31 Scottish Roundup
32 Cameron Rose
33 Aitken's Edinburgh
34 Alastair's Heart Monitor
35 Katy Gordon
36 Andrew Reeves
37 Bellgrove Belle
38 Holyrood Chronicles
39 Political Dissuasion
40 Justified Spinner

*edited (updated) after mistake on original.


Benny 27 August 2008 at 12:32  

congratulations! You got my vote

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