Monday, 4 August 2008

Pick a Part That's New

After the lack of controversy over my last post, I thought I'd do a short piece on something that is the talk of the steamie at Parliament at the moment - and something that isn't. So here we go on the battle to succeed Wendy Alexander as leader of Labour's MSP group and the coronation to succeed Nicol Stephen as Lib Dem leader in Scotland. You can decide for yourself which is which.

Also, gives me a chance to link to the less-than-spectacular campaign websites...

For Labour we have:

Iain "White Shade of" Gray
Cathy "Asbo" Jamieson
Andy "Juan" Kerr

I can claim no originality on the inverted commas - I've heard those references on numerous occasions, from both SNP & Labour party members alike. It looks, from the outside at least, that Labour are on the verge of meltdown over this leadership contest, as this piece suggests. I guess its a case of sitting back and watching...

Incidentally, might it be worth asking Lord Foulkes about his support for Iain Gray given the use of a saltire on his website? Or is it only if the SNP use the flag that "independence by creep" is mooted? Granted, Iain Gray is about the only person in the Labour party that wants to be associated with Scotland at the moment, given the party's showing in Glasgow East.

Speaking of disasters in Glasgow East (no - Ibrox is in Govan...) let's look at everyone's favourite irrelevance - the Lib Dems. I don't want to keep kicking them when they're down but, well, its too easy. For them, we have a fight between:

Ross Finnie
Mike Rumbles
Tavish Scott

With Tavish the clear favourite, it does appear that this contest will be over before it has really started. However, I will give the Lib Dems their due - they are actually having a contest - unlike some we could mention... And that contest will involve every member of the party having an equal vote. None of this electoral-college, one-third-vote-for-members, one-third-vote-for-politicians, one-third-vote-for-trade-unions malarky for them. No, the Lib Dem contest will be democratic in that the winner will be the person whom the party members vote for in the largest numbers.

Now, if only they'd be as democratic when it comes to a referendum on independence...

ps - my Fringe began with a visit to see Welsh misery Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie at the Pleasance last night. The man is hilarious... definately worth a look - the best show I've seen so far...


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