Thursday, 28 August 2008

King of Comedy

I really must stop taking the mickey out the Lib Dems...

But this is something that amused me (well, as well as Tavish's appearance with Brewer last night).

Apparently, Tavish got 1,450 votes in the leadership contest (and for more on what that number represents see Scottish Tory Boy here). Interestingly, 1,142 people voted in Iain Dale's poll for the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. I wonder which vote means more? Especially to Tom Harris MP

2,457 voted (61%) which means the Lib Dem membership in Scotland is something like 4,030. Greens in Scotland have 1,100 (according to James, anyway). Just for comparison's sake. Also, the Lib Dems have 16 MSPs (could anyone name them?) and the Greens have just 2. But those 2 Greens have, arguably, proved more effective in opposition and constructive in debate - for evidence you only need to look as far as the budget debate.

Just a thought - but maybe someone should take up Jeff's challenge. After all, if one of us was elected as a Lib Dem MSP, how long before we managed to get elected as leader?! Especially if we got all those who voted in the blog Oscars to vote.

Okay, I'll stop. I promise - for at least one week - not to say anything else negative about the Lib Dems. Shouldn't be too difficult - they're a pretty anonymous bunch, probably won't even notice them.


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