Saturday, 9 August 2008

It's In The Way That You Use It

Meant to blog on this after the opening ceremony but I never had time. I couldn't agree more with Doctor Vee that trying to portray the Olympics as "non-political" is laughable. The rest of his article is... debatable at the very least, but that point is right. All flags that will be at the Games themselves represent geo-political entities - which makes the rule even more crazy.

But what I really wanted to mention was the fact that the opening ceremony of the Olympics featured a Pipe Band from Fintry. Playing Scotland the Brave - Scotland's "anthem" at the Commonwealth Games. I thought there was incredible irony in the fact that you are not allowed to fly a saltire as a member of the crowd at the Olympics, but tartan and pipes - something which is instantly recognisable across the world as being Scottish - were used to open the Games themselves. I know the ban is not simply to stop people from promoting Scotland - its to stop politics taking hold of the Games, a laughable prospect indeed - but it just amused me greatly.

Hugely funny line from BBC's "Mock the Week" on Thursday. Looking at the rules of the Games, China has put down so many regarding media relations, what can and can't be reported etc. Hugh Dennis came out with the following: "Why isn't one of the rules not to trample people with tanks?"

Which makes you wonder...


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