Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Show Must Go On

Something struck me tonight (and I don't mean because someone threw something at me) when I was thinking about the new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats - insert joke here. Now, I'm not going to be saying anything about the Lib Dems - I promised not to - but I have a query.

I'm hoping that someone from a
Labour background or someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Scottish Parliament's standing orders can help me out here.

We now know that on Thursday, at
FMQs, Alex Salmond will stand up an answer the second question of the session from Annabel Goldie and the third question from the new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Tavish Scott.

But, who asks the first question? Seriously, I'm a wee bit unsure.

Will it be Wendy Alexander? Does she continue in the position until a new leader is elected? Or when she resigned - is that it, someone else has to stand in?

Now, in most situations, when you stand down, you let your deputy stand in. Which would be Cathy Jamieson. Except, and here's the kicker. She resigned too. And neither the new leader nor the deputy will be in place before the new session.

So here's my question: Who will ask Labour's question? Seriously who is currently in charge?

My money's on Wendy, but honestly, I don't know how this works. Someone help me out?

*UPDATE* I am reliably informed that, despite standing down as Deputy Leader, Cathy Jamieson remains as "acting leader" until either she, Andy Kerr or Iain Gray is elected leader. Tavish Scott has already won the deputy leadership contest. So there you go.


Jeff 29 August 2008 at 09:44  

I would think Cathy J but I really couldn't say for sure.

It would seem to make sense for consistency reasons to have her continue in her caretaker leader role for now.

And, she is least likely to screw up!

Malc 29 August 2008 at 10:18  


Cathy only stepped in on the last session because Wendy had no voice and couldn't actually ask any questions. But I do take your point - probably least likely to screw up.

However, what do the statues say? Is Wendy still officially in charge until someone else is appointed? Is so, won't the FM just rip her?

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