Friday, 5 December 2008

A casualty of European integration?

On the whole, I'm broadly pro-European Union expansion eastwards. Aspiration to membership of the largest free trading bloc in the world aides former communist states in establishing free market economies and helps fledgling democracies to function.

But they've gone and spoiled it now.

When the Russia won the Eurovision song contest in May 2008 on the back of "political" voting from its neighbours, Eurovision "King", Sir Terry Wogan, threatened to quit his role commentating in the UK - a role he has held for 35 years.

Sadly, Wogan, the greatest cynic of his generation, has held true to his promise, and will not entertain us with his dry wit at the next event in 2009. Instead, Graham Norton will take over, which begs the following question:

Who is going to watch it now?


Stephen Glenn 5 December 2008 at 15:34  

A lifrtime of watching Eurovision and every year the highlight was Terry commentary, apart from the snatches of Ken Bruce we used to get when forced to take a bath when younger.

I even had an ex on the phone from Berlin one year as they had to listen to the banter with Terry. I may have to be even more lubricated with the "waters of life" or whatever before even tuning in his Telness is not there.

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