Thursday, 4 December 2008

It's snow joke...

Every year!

Every year a tiny amount of snow causes absolute havoc on the roads in England and Wales. I mean, yes, it occasionally catches people out in Scotland too - obviously, I'm not trying to make out that isn't the case. But its the sheer scale of the chaos and helplessness that seems to grip the island when the first snowfall of the winter arrives - drives me nuts!

Maybe it was growing up in the north east of Scotland. I had a paper round for four and a half years. I think the newspapers failed to make it to "remote" Keith maybe half a dozen times in those four years. On every other occasion, they got delivered - including several winters in a foot and a half of snow. I had a great time - was always nice to be the first person - at 6.30am - to make footprints in the freshly fallen snow. And most of the time - if the snow was that bad - school was cancelled, though I don't remember having more than, what, a dozen days off for snow over my whole time at school.

I also visited Canada in January of 2005. Temperatures on arrival: -20c. While I was there, it fell as low as -35. Up to two foot of snow. Did you hear anyone there complaining? Can't get into work? Don't worry about it.

But not here. The common attitude seems to be "I WILL get there" which is the cause of the majority of the problems. That, and the fact that people still seem surprised that winter actually comes to these islands...

So, if you have any snow near you, do yourself a favour - so you don't end up on the BBC website. Think about your journey. If it is not essential, don't travel. And if it is, then be sensible, drive carefully and watch out for the ice.


Arnie 4 December 2008 at 15:17  

Ha, oh my, the title of this blog is shockingly bad.

Good post though, I saw so many people fall over in Leeds today, obviously out on shopping trips. I mean, why not just wait until things improve a bit? Is a trip to Primark really that important?

Sam 4 December 2008 at 15:57  

Great title!

Its worse down south, we get all the stories about how much fun/panic people are having in the snow, we get you telling us to get over it, and we don't actually get any snow ourselves.

I know an indecent amount about the dangers of cold rain though.

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