Monday, 15 February 2010

Six Nations Week 2 - Review

Predictions were:
Wales 28-12 Scotland
France 23-16 Ireland
Italy 10-37 England

Results were:
Wales 31-24 Scotland
France 33-10 Ireland
Italy 12-17 England

Another 3 from 3... means I'm six for six in the Six Nations.  But what a weekend.

Gutted doesn't even begin to cover it.  A sporting collapse of epic proportions, a snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory that no one but Scotland could manage quite so well.  And yet I remained unsurprised - I think, in this case, the pessimism really does pay off.  Indeed, as the clock ticked over into the 70th minute, I got this text from Jeff:
"You're not dreaming Malc, this is actually happening.  A Scotland win in Wales."

Ten minutes later, another text reached my inbox from the same source:

"I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry."

So, for anyone casting around for someone to blame, don't look at Scott Lawson, who's idiotic sinbinning led to us playing the final 10 minutes with 14 men.  Don't look at Phil Godman, the recipient of a red card after Lee "Jurgen" Byrne conned the ref to win a penalty with seconds left on the clock, further reducing our personnel.  And don't even look at Chris Cusiter or Mike Blair who decided not to boot the ball into touch after the clock had run out with the game tied 24-24.  Nope.  Jeff, who prematurely declared this epic match over long before we self-destructed and therefore jinxed the entire venture, is to blame.  I'll have words this weekend.

For anyone who has a low enough blood pressure that they can stand watching again, there are extended highlights here.  For everyone else, here are some fonder memories:


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