Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The "Comeback" Kids...

Well well well...

Looks like I (along with the majority of the American media) called New Hampshire a bit too early. In my defence, I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, working on information which is out of date before it reaches my computer so fast is this election moving. And so I went to my bed, having read reports that Obama had a double-digit (13 point!) lead over Hillary, presuming this was maybe slightly exaggerated but still enough for him to take the state.

And then I wake up to the news on the radio that Hillary had done what hubby Bill did years ago. No, not the cigar thing. I'm talking about make a "comeback" from a poor performance in Iowa to win the New Hampshire primary. You couldn't write this story.

And on the other side, another comeback was on the cards. 71 year old Vietnam vet John McCain - who lost out to George W Bush in 2000 - edged out Mitt Romney, who'd finished second in Iowa. Mike Huckabee followed up his Iowa win with a respectable third in NH, with Rudy Guiliani - who continues to hold his funds for Super Tuesday - back in fourth.

And so the merry circus rolls on to Michigan and Nevada before the South Carolina primary which may be make or break for John Edwards on the Democratic side. Interesting times indeed.


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