Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Where am I?

I've been asked to clarify my position on the US Presidentials. Watch how I answer this like a politician before giving the answer at the end when you've forgotten what the question was - and are maybe even a bit surprised by the answer...

I have, in the main, two problems identifying who I want to win the US election. One - it only indirectly affects my life and as I don't stay in the States, I get limited coverage of what the candidates are saying. Two - probably most profoundly, there is no US equivilant of how I interpret my political philosophy.

What do I mean by that? Well, I've grown up in Scotland. Which, with proportional representation in the Scottish Parliament, has meant a multi-party system - a party to represent all the main strands of political theory and others representing single issues. So it is easier here to identify with a political party here. I'm pro-Scottish independence. Which puts me in the SNP, and that is who I work for.

But in the US? I'm a bit fiscally (whisper it) conservative which says Republican, but I'm also pretty liberal, which in most senses would make me align with the Democrats. I'm pro-choice (Dem) but support business (Rep). So you see my problem. In an ideal world, the states would have a Scottish National Party - they should have one, there's enough ex-pats - and I'd join that.

But it doesn't. And you want me to make a choice. Well, based on what I know, I'd probably support Barack Obama or John Edwards because America I think needs change and needs to welcome it. But it also needs stability, so maybe I'd pick John McCain. Or someone who makes sense talking about religion - Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney. But maybe it needs a woman's touch - Hillary (coincidentally, my mum's name). Or maybe someone who can deal with crises well - Rudy Guiliani.

So what am I saying? America doesn't know what it wants. Maybe at the end of today we'll have a clearer idea. In the meantime, who do I think will win their respective nominations? I'll put it on the line and say.... Barack Obama v Rudy Guiliani in November. Tho I think, perhaps, John McCain would is the best of the contenders. Surprised?


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