Friday, 11 January 2008

The End of the Week

And so the first week of this infant blog comes to an end. And what have I discovered? Well... discipline is required to register your thoughts on a daily basis. But also, a little restraint. You can't go on a rant about something when your thoughts will be in the public domain. Well you can, but it doesn't come across as that professional. Not that I'm a pro...

What else have I learned?

1) Don't count your chickens before the votes have been counted. Or listen to American networks and pollsters who say the thing is a done deal (and base your blog on polls) until they are confirmed.

2) That far from being a sure thing, the US Presidential election has been blown wide open after the two races so far. Will be blogging on that with interest in the coming weeks.

3) Closer to home, that Labour & the Lib Dems continue to be unable to cope in opposition and look like spending the next three years as bitter and twisted "third" parties (to quote our esteemed FM) unable to accept Government policy on anything.

4) That the Tories may well offer their support for the SNP's first budget, with a number of small concessions heading their way for their support. This was revealed in a round-about way in Labour's early debate on Tuesday.

And finally, a quick note on the sporting story which pulled at every heartstring in Scotland over the festive period - the tragic death of Motherwell captain Phil O'Donnell. Tributes to the man have appeared across blogs and other press for the previous few weeks, and I'd add my own voice to those sentiments. But in the weekend when Motherwell return to action in a cup tie at Hearts for the first time since their loss, I hope that their tribute to their captain will be honoured in the right spirit prior to the game, and that the game itself is the spirited cup tie it promises to be. I'd also like to applaud the management of Motherwell F.C for their leadership and their tribute to to O'Donnell in renaming the Main Stand at Fir Park. It's a fine gesture, and one which is fully deserved.


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