Monday, 21 January 2008

Narrow Presbyterian Racists?

Contrary to Kezia's opinion, the comments made by John McTernan about Scotland are despicable and do indeed show contempt to the Scottish people.

Quoting Mr McTernan in an email to Labour MSP Karen Gillon:
"[Sweden is] the country Scotland would be if it was not narrow, Presbyterian, racist, etc, etc. Social democracy in action."

Summarising - and correct me if I'm wrong - Mr McTernan, the Chief Aide to Des Browne, the part-time Secretary of State for Scotland, believes that we in Scotland are all narrow-minded racists? Sorry, that's not summarising, that's what he ACTUALLY said.

Kezia agrees with him, and argues that Scotland is at its core intolerant and prejudiced.

It's simply wrong to call a nation racist. I'll go along with the Scottish Attitudes Survey which uncovered some worrying opinions among Scots. And having spent enough time at football grounds in Glasgow, I know the scar that is sectarianism well. But condemning an entire nation on the views of an idiotic minority is simply wrong.

And they wonder why they couldn't get enough Scots to vote for them?


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