Monday, 7 January 2008

New Job & New City... and New Year

Okay, so the Welsh blog didn't really take off, but here's my new... resolution... if you like. I will post to this blog AT LEAST once per week on topics ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between.
I finished my Masters in Wales and now live in Edinburgh and work at the Scottish Parliament. I have a distinct interest in all things political and most things sporting... so look out for random thoughts on both of the above as I try to arrange my thoughts in a clearer way.
Feel free to comment, suggest, slag off (politely!) and judge me on my views. And let me know what you think - I love a good argument!!


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Feel free to get in touch with me if you have an issue with something you've read here... or if you simply want to debate some more! You can email me at:

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I'm quite happy - indeed, eager - to engage in debate with others when the topic provides opportunity to do so. I like knowing who I'm debating with and I'm fed up with some abusive anonymous comments so I've disabled those comments for awhile. If you want to comment, log in - it only takes a minute.


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