Friday, 9 January 2009

My year in the blogosphere

As of January 7th, this blog is one year old. Which is rather impressive given when I started it, I didn't really think I had that much to say. Actually, who am I trying to kid... I've always had lots to say, I just didn't think anyone would listen. So thanks, dear reader, for listening (reading) what comes into my head, and I hope you will permit me to take a moment to navel-gaze...

317 posts in one year... not bad going I suppose (though nothing like the excellent but slightly blog-crazy Jeff's total of 678!), interupted by an ill-health enforced absence during the summer. And it has been an interesting year.

My year in blogposts:

So that was my year, a staggering 23,000 hits. I hope this year is as entertaining (blog-wise!).


PJ 9 January 2009 at 20:50  

Happy birthday Malc and congratulations! Your blog is consistently informative and challenging, with just a smidge of cynicism thrown in for good measure. Please keep it up!

Caron 10 January 2009 at 19:47  

Happy Anniversary:-)

I really enjoy reading your stuff, even if your election predictions are not always safe:-)

Malc 11 January 2009 at 12:03  

Thanks to you both for kind comments. I hope you keep reading - and that I remain on the "smidge" side of cyncism!

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