Monday, 20 October 2008

Barack Obama at the Al Smith dinner

Obama's response - anyone want to score this, like the debates, as anything but a score draw?

By the way, I understand former Secretary of State in the Bush administration Colin Powell has crossed the partisan divide in America and
endorsed Obama for the presidency.

This is a big endorsement, and with two weeks to go, it gives Obama more momentum on the run up to election day.
I have too much respect for Powell (despite the Iraq war "information") to underestimate this endorsement.

However, isn't there something to be said about the timing? That he waits until there is two weeks to go in the election, when Obama is 14 points ahead in some polls, before choosing his man? Has he been hedging his bets up until now... and will he be looking for a cabinet position (Defence? State?) should Obama win?

As one respected commentator put it to me - "He's like the Man Utd fans of the 1990s - wait until success is assured before joining the winning team."

Except for one little thing. The election isn't for another two weeks. Might he have made his move too early?


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