Friday, 17 April 2009

English Buttons

Love the BBC.

Britain's Jenson Button spends his whole career pre-2009 winning one race.

Britian's Jenson Button wins the first two races of 2009 and he becomes England's Jenson Button.

Funny how it was the other way round with David Coulthard (ie - he was Scottish when he was losing/ British when winning).

I'd like to point out, I don't really give a damn. Just show some consistency.


CrazyDaisy 17 April 2009 at 12:09  


They're always banging on about a "British" Andy Murray - the EBC are a bunch of two faced lying sons of flea infested camel drivers or "hoons" in Guido phrase.

The EBC need to be clear, either they're English and the individuals in question agree with that.....Thus enabling Andy Murray to say he's Scottish and is respected for his position.

If Button and Hamilton claim they're English, fine I have no problem with that, what I do have a problem with is an EBC (Zionist leaning)bunch of inept wankers labelling Scots as British, particularly against their better judgement or personal wishes.

Ho capito?


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