Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My first, my last, my everything...

Thanks to Jeff for tagging me with the Twenty Firsts meme. I suppose since all I'm doing today is reading, I should really play along.

First Job: Paper round. 6 days a week, starting at 6.30am. £14 a week. For four years I should add.

First Real Job: Parliamentary Assistant/ dogsbody for three SNP MSPs. On not much more than £14 a week.

First Role in Politics: Activist I suppose Joined the party in 2004 - talked into it by Nicola Sturgeon and my (now councillor) friend at a leadership hustings in Aberdeen.

First Car: Ford Fiesta. Which is what I currently have as well. But not the same one. This one was G-reg, silver and had a manual choke. They don't teach you how to start that in driving lessons, oh no.

First Record: Record?! Iain Dale's showing his age a bit here. If we're talking CDs, I have a vague recollection of getting Now 29 for Christmas... at age 10/11 The fact that we're onto Now 72 does make me feel a wee bit old. Though my parents do have the original Now that's what I call music on cassette.

First Football Match: I'm pretty sure this was the 1991 Scottish Cup Third Round match between Aberdeen and Motherwell at Pittodrie. Motherwell won 1-0 with Stevie Kirk coming off the bench and scoring a free kick with his first touch of the ball, with about 10 minutes to go I think. But then, I was seven at the time, so how I remember I don't know.

First Concert: This was either the Manic Street Preachers at the Barrowlands or Barenaked Ladies at the Music Hall in Aberdeen. Can't remember which one was first - both were excellent.

First Country Visited: Wales. Though if you want me to "go foreign" as it were, it'd be Spain. A family holiday in Ibiza of all places.

First TV Appearance: I think I was on the news a couple of times when I was wee when they came to the school... but I can't really remember.

First Political Speech: Speaking or listening? I made a five minute political speech to get elected to Stirling Uni student body in 2002. That was the height of my political ambition at the time...

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Pierre Van Hooijdonk signed my Celtic shirt in 1996. I reckon he was famous then.

First Brush With Death: Spectacular car write off in May 2006. Track rod end snapped when going round a corner. Across the road, ending in a ditch, upside down. The damage? A couple of cracked ribs. Lucky, lucky boy.

First House/Flat Owned: That pleasure is still to come (along with the pleasure of a killer mortgage no doubt).

First Film Seen at a Cinema: Remember seeing Batman Forever at a young age, whether it was the first, I have no idea.

First Time on the Radio: Actually helped my mate a couple of times on his radio show at uni... but I reckon I did a couple of sessions on Keith Community Radio when I was still at school.

First Politician I Met: The first? Ummm... Malcolm Bruce spoke to my Modern Studies class when I was at Keith Grammar. That'd probably be it.

First Book I Remember Reading: Bound to be an Enid Blyton one, which one I can't really remember.

First Visit to the London Palladium: Not been there, but I did catch The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway last summer. Excellent stuff.

First Election: The first one I voted in was 2003 Scottish Parliament election (when I was 19) but the first one I was involved with in anyway was probablythe 2005 UK General Election. I was working for Bruce Crawford in Stirling and helped the campaigns both there and in Ochil & South Perthshire.

That killed some reading time. Apparently I should nominate five folks to repeat. So, if you feel like wasting half an hour, on you go Jess the Dog, Stuart Winton, The Right Student, Stephen Glenn and Subrosa.


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