Friday, 3 April 2009

He Hadd his chance

Those of you who have no interest in rugby/ are huge Frank Hadden fans may wish to look away.

I'm pretty glad the SRU and Hadden decided to part ways.

Here is Hadden's record in charge of Scotland:

Played: 41 (plus match against Barbarians)
Wins: 16
Losses: 25

of those, 20 were Six Nations matches, with a win loss record of 6-14. We're now ranked lower (10th) in the IRB World Rankings than we were under Hadden's predecessor, Matt Williams (he won only 3 matches out of 17). But stats only take you so far. If I list our results under Hadden, you'll see why the 16 wins are even less impressive (wins in bold):

2005 Summer Tests

Scotland 38-7 Barbarians

Romania 19-39 Scotland

2005 Autumn Tests

Scotland 19-23 Argentina

Scotland 18-11 Samoa

Scotland 10-29 New Zealand

2006 Six Nations

Scotland 20-16 France

Wales 28-18 Scotland

Scotland 18-12 England

Ireland 15-9 Scotland

Italy 10-13 Scotland

2006 Summer Tour

South Africa 36-16 Scotland

South Africa 29-15 Scotland

2006 Autumn Tests

Scotland 48-6 Romania

Scotland 34-22 Pacific Islanders

Scotland 15-44 Australia

2007 Six Nations

England 42-20Scotland

Scotland 21-9 Wales

Scotland 17-37 Italy

Scotland 18-19 Ireland

France 46-19 Scotland

2007 RWC Warm-ups

Scotland 31-21 Ireland

Scotland 3-27 South Africa

2007 Rugby World Cup

Scotland 56-10 Portugal

Scotland 42-0 Romania

Scotland 0-40 New Zealand

Scotland 18-16 Italy

Scotland 13-19 Argentina

2008 Six Nations

Scotland 6-27 France

Wales 30-15 Scotland

Ireland 34-13 Scotland

Scotland 13-9 England

Italy 23-20 Scotland

2008 Summer Tour

Argentina 21-15 Scotland

Argentina 14-26 Scotland

2008 Autumn Tests

Scotland 6-32 New Zealand

Scotland 10-14 South Africa

Scotland 41-0 Canada

2009 Six Nations

Scotland 13-26 Wales

France 22-13 Scotland

Scotland 26-6 Italy

Scotland 15-22 Ireland

England 26-12 Scotland

Only 6 of those wins came in the Six Nations (England twice, Italy twice, Wales and France once each) while the "mighty" Canada, Portugal, Romania (3), Pacific Islanders, Italy (RWC) and Samoa make up half of the winning statistics. A good win in Argentina (apparently orchestrated by Sean Lineen and Andy Robinson) and a pre-World Cup win against an experimenting Irish side is hardly a record to write home about.

Yes, there have been near misses. A 10-0 half-time lead against South Africa squandered last year. Marginal defeats in Six Nations matches where, with a better bounce of the ball, we may have won. And he said the right things too.

After four years in charge though, more was rightfully expected from Hadden and Scotland, and he failed to deliver. The SRU got it right - it is time to allow someone else to have a go at making our - undoubtedly talented - side into winners.

The question is - who?


Anonymous,  3 April 2009 at 14:20  

From looking at that list, it seems that you won the vast majority of the games you 'ought' to have won, with a few bonus wins as well. Maybe the talent pool just isn't there?

Malc 3 April 2009 at 15:08  

That's a glass half-full reading. Mine's half empty.

From looking at that list, we won the majority (excluding Italy) of matches against wee teams that my school XV should beat.

There's a next level for Scotland and we need someone to be able to take us there. Hadden wasn't that guy.

Anonymous,  3 April 2009 at 15:44  

It's time for a bit of a sea change at the SRU. There is talk of Hadden moving up stairs at the SRU (he apparently has it built into his contract that he can get a management role), that would be terrible! I don't think Robinson or Lineen would be right either as they are too close to the SRU.

It's time to gamble on a southern hemisphere coach, it didn't work with Williams but it needs to this time.

If only we could get Geech back with Jim Telfer as the forwards coach.....

subrosa 4 April 2009 at 02:55  

I heard somewhere that perhaps the Auld Alliance may be involved in the next selection. Mon Deu!

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