Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ferguson & McGregor banned for life

Sorry to have two back-to-back posts about sport, but that's just how it happens sometimes.

The Scottish Football Association have banned Rangers pair Allan McGregor and Barry Ferguson from playing for Scotland again after they went on a drinking session at the weekend and subsequently made offensive gestures from the bench during the Scotland-Iceland match on Wednesday.

To be honest, it won't make a huge amount of difference. McGregor has been in decent form for Rangers this season - which is why he started the match in Holland ahead of Craig Gordon - but that was only his fourth cap. Ferguson, the Rangers captain (and indeed, Scotland captain when he can be bothered showing up) has won 45 caps but prior to the Holland match had only played once in Scotland's previous 6 matches.

It also appears that Rangers have suspended both players, fined them and are looking to sell them at the end of the season. A hard-line stance from both club and country.

As a Celtic fan, I've never been a fan of Barry Ferguson - either for club or country - but these latest incidents prove beyond all doubt that the guy is not worthy of a Scotland berth. Arguably Scotland's better performances have come when he has been out injured (though recovering miraculously in time to play for Rangers at the weekend) and I think his playing time may have been limited in the future anyway with the emergence of Scott Brown as a talent at international level.

As for McGregor, he was always going to be back-up to Craig Gordon as Scotland's number one, and he was a great talent to have as a back-up. Now I guess we'll have to be a wee bit wary if Gordon gets injured.

Congrats to both the SFA and Rangers for acting decisively (for perhaps the first time ever in the SFA's case!) and banning these idiots.


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