Friday, 3 April 2009

Professing to help

You may remember the SNP's nutty professor, Chris Harvie MSP, getting into a bit of bother over comments suggesting that Lockerbie, in the south of Scotland, was a "dump" and "Tescotown" in reference to that particular town requiring some form of regeneration.

One of the first (of the many) to criticise the Harvie for his comments was South of Scotland Tory MSP Derek Brownlee, calling it an "appalling insult."

You may also remember that the Tories pushed town regeneration as part of their support for the SNP budget this year.

Interesting then, that the result of a wee survey that the Scottish Tories conducted, asking people to nominate towns across Scotland for regeneration has been announced.

The town with the most nominations for regeneration?

You've guessed it - Lockerbie.

Maybe Harvie had a point after all. Perhaps he might have phrased it better...


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