Sunday, 23 November 2008

ELCLP: Not black and white

The Sunday Herald has more on the Anne Moffat/ East Lothian Constituency Labour Party mess here.

It seems Iain Gray has a spot of bother in his back yard - and now has to choose between the constituency party - who welcomed him into East Lothian and got him re-elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2007 after he lost Edinburgh Pentlands in 2003 - and the MP for the respective Westminster constituency, Anne Moffat.

Looks like there's a lot more to come out in what is becoming a massive problem for Gray to deal with.


Holyrood Patter 24 November 2008 at 01:32  

Interesting if this turns bad for Moffat, the branch might get their noses up and Iain could find himself in a spot of bother come the 2011 selection proccess.
He will be holding out for a Foulkes retirement if that happens.

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