Friday, 21 November 2008

Strictly daft Question Time

One of these men is Secretary of State for Scotland. The other is "Lurch", the Butler from the Addams family films. For some reason, Jim Murphy's appearance on Question Time last night reminded me of the character... but I can't put my finger on why.

Speaking of Question Time, last night was the first time since it was held in Musselburgh (in July, I think) that I've actually had an opportunity to watch it. And to be honest, I know now understand why I don't bother. Ten minutes on John Sergeant's decision to quit Strictly Come Dancing was beyond a joke. First the UK Culture Secretary talks about the judging on the X Factor - in the House of Commons no less. Then 10 minutes on Question Time on the burning John Sergeant-Strictly Come Dancing issue in which our esteemed Scottish Secretary said (and I quote):
"The judges I think have totally misjudged what this programme is about. I watch this programme with my family, for family entertainment and good fun. John was emblematic of that. And rather than taking themselves so seriously, I think we should get rid of the judges rather than John."
Um... okay. I'd suggest that what the judges say is part of that entertainment Mr Secretary (not that I watch the show - I'm with Nicola Sturgeon, the X Factor is miles better). But my main concern is that the Secretary of State for Scotland is taking this too seriously. It's a reality TV show for goodness sake. There are bigger issues at stake in the UK at the moment.

On a lighter note, did everyone else watching cringe at Tavish Scott's attempt at humour? Something like "seeing as we're in Scotland, we should forget about the controversy and get going with a 'Dashing White Sergeant'". Oh dear...


Stephen Glenn 21 November 2008 at 10:38  

Well Strip the Willow didn't have the same punchline potential...

...unless you wanted Phythonesque.

Have to agree it did lack something in delivery and timing.

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