Monday, 3 November 2008

Stephen Fry's America

I've been thoroughly enjoying the excellent BBC series Stephen Fry in America which the great entertainer has also written a book about (which, incidentally, is on my Christmas list if anyone is interested!).

However, one thing that has been driving me nuts about this series is not so much that it is short (6 episodes of one hour each, Sundays at 9pm) but the fact that they cram so much into each one.

For example, yesterday's episode had Stephen Fry start of on the US-Canadian border in Montana. He's briefly (like, for less than 2 minutes) shown at the continental divide in Idaho before taking his taxi through Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma and finishing at the Rio Grande at El Paso, Texas. 10 states in one hour...

That, for me, was just too much to cram into such a short time. Why didn't they make it a 10-week run? Or, at the very least 8? There's so many interesting things about each state, especially at the present time, that the BBC could have shelled out a bit more for editing (I think they've got a bit of money spare at the moment) and let us see more of Stephen's adventures.

Anyway, it's well worth a look, if, like me you are interested in the USA. But you have to concentrate hard - there's a lot to take in.


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