Tuesday, 2 September 2008

American dreams

Interesting speculation from Tom Harris MP on the next US Presidential election. Not the one in November... the one in November 2012.

What is interesting is that his speculation is based on the prospect of a John McCain win in November - which he says on no less than 3 occasions. Isn't there a thing where if you say something 3 times it will happen...?

Anyway, the point of his post - in case you haven't read it or can't be bothered following the link - is that John McCain will be 76 in 2012 and may decide that one term as President is enough. Since no party has - as yet - denied their sitting Vice President the opportunity to run for President. So that would mean - theoretically - that Sarah Palin would be the Republican nominee for President in 2012, if McCain decided not to run again.

Now, following Tom Harris' logic, if McCain wins - and thereby, Obama does not - the 'perceived wisdom' would suggest that Obama has had his chance, and that Hillary Clinton would be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. That would be mean, theoretically, that 2012's Presidential contest could be between two women - Sarah Palin as Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton as Democratic candidate.

Which, contrary to the popular view - or indeed, the
slightly warped view - might mean that a John McCain victory in November may lead to a more progressive America - with the guarantee of a female President in 2012.

Anyone buying this? No... oh well.


xrys 2 September 2008 at 22:00  

Of all the searching I have done, you are the first person who seems to have the same idea that I have. I think she was on McCain's short-list for quite some time, if not the top of the list. I believe the RNC (Rove), may have had this in there minds all along. It follows every other pricipaled move from the Rebuplican party, and is very much in line with the dreams of the civil rights moments of hte last 40 years. McCain has already stated, early on in the campain that he was only interested in running for a single term. Looking back that was an interesting tell, or coinsidence. Obama has been slowly bleeding support since the Town Hall Meeting. He came off as weak, indecisive and all talk. The McCain people are slowly chipping away and over the next few months I think we will see a larger gap forming between the two parties in the polls. There is critics who complain the news is in the Democrats pocket, to a point they are very liberal at the moment, however they still need to pay the bills. As McCain makes this race more interesting, they may peal off the Obama train and begin to look at the issues. This race has become McCain's to lose, with the momemtum they carried from the Town Hall meetings, the lack of bounce the Democrats got from the convention and the intersting array of speakers at the Rupublican convention, they will slowly start the downhill side of the campaign. This kind of forward thinking about a cause greater than yourself is why McCain may be forgotten in history as a president, but remembered as a key member of the next chapter in our countries development.

Any thoughts please email me: chris@fixicorp.com


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