Thursday, 4 September 2008

Trading the Unions

An interesting point was made by a prominent Labour researcher at the Scottish Parliament (I know - first time for everything).

When it was pointed out to them that their vote in the Labour leadership election (sorry, the election to find a leader for the Labour group in the Scottish Parliament) probably won't count for much given the electoral college weighting, said researcher stated:

"Can't understand these damn trade unions. They are holding the party to ransom. They lobby for public sector pay deals that put an ever increasing strain on our economy. If they want to use their influence in the party perhaps they should put the party first rather than lobby for their greedy members. What right do they have to select a leader for the Labour party in Scotland?"


The researcher then went on to point out that the haulers that were striking a few weeks back earn up to £35,000 while he - a university graduate - earns just half that as a Parliamentary researcher and you didn't see him striking.

Incidentally - I should make clear, I don't necessarily disagree with the comments made. I think that it is quite a common view in Labour party - and indeed in other parties - that Trade Unions should not really have as much influence over the leadership of the party.


Anonymous,  4 September 2008 at 11:18  

interesting point of view i suppose

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