Monday, 1 September 2008

American Pie

Heading back Stateside, a few stories on the Presidential race today:

  • Hurricane Gustav has touched land in Louisiana and New Orleans looks set to be hit hard again. Both presidential candidates have offered support, with John McCain on the ground today helping volunteers while Barack Obama has offered to open up his list of donors to help fund the recovery effort.
  • The 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin - the Republican VP candidate, see below - is expecting a child. Apparently the family have offered their "love and support" to her and her "future husband" and John McCain knew of the situation prior to offering her the VP slot.
  • The BBC's coverage of the US election has, in my view, been biased from start to finish. Was speaking to a friend today who thought that John McCain had been nominated unopposed as Republican candidate - because the BBC had been so focused on Obama v Clinton, they'd missed what was happening in the Republican race. It hasn't got any better recently, with Justin Webb, the BBC US correspondent, giving over no fewer than 7 blog pieces to discuss the Democratic convention and 5 in anticipation of Obama's VP announcement and a scant sentence in discussion of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin. Biased in an election that won't affect their funding - a smart move from Auntie Beeb(!)
  • Finally (in case you can't find it on the BBC website) the Republican conference takes place in St Paul, Minnesota this week - incidentally, an airport which I have visited. John McCain is expected to make his acceptance speech on Thursday.


Sam 1 September 2008 at 23:08  

What do you expect from the BBC? Obama is exciting because, quite simply, he is different. McCain is same old same old (wow I should be a Democrat attack ad writer). Whatever you think of such trivialities as policies, the confirmation of two unopposed candidates in well-orchestrated clap-smile-and-cheer-fests is barely news unless those candidates are in any way interesting personally. Obama is, McCain isn't. Just like, for Americans, America Votes '08 is, Brown & Cameron isn't. And you can't blame them for not finding us interesting can you?

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