Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Sitting, waiting, wishing

The New York Times reports that the contest alluded to in my previous post may happen sooner rather than later - with Hillary Clinton looking to become more involved in the campaign now that Sarah Palin has been named as the Republican VP pick.

Apparently, "Clinton advisers... [are] saying that some of her supporters could be open to the McCain-Palin ticket depending on how Ms. Palin performed and whether she appeared to be a forceful, sincere advocate for the concerns of working women, their families and for policies that would help them."

Also, Mrs Clinton is said to be "galled" that the Republicans might build on the movement among women that she built in the primaries.

Which really does two things: a) provides an opportunity for John McCain to gain some more of the cross-over voters who may have been Hillary supporters and will not support Obama and b) indicates even more that Sarah Palin was a great pick as VP candidate.


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