Friday, 19 September 2008

And another thing...

He might be the top blogger in Scotland but
Tom Harris MP seems to have lost his mind.

I mean, I know its hard when you are a member of Gordon Brown's Government (well, okay, a Parliamentary Under Secretary in Mr Harris' case).

But really - on the back of a
poll by Ipsos MORI which puts the Tories on 52% and Labour on 24% - how can you possibly, possibly THINK, never mind say, that the "Tories will lose the next election."?!!!

I mean... I know I go against the grain on occasion - suggesting in summer last year (well before I started blogging) that John McCain would get the Repubican nomination despite running out of money and trailing in the polls. But this is very different.

I'll break it down for you. Tom explicitly says "the Tories will lose the next election." Given that Lib Dem support has collapsed to 12% in this poll (suggesting that they may even slip to
below SNP/PC in seats) I'll take it from that he doesn't mean that Nick Clegg will be Prime Minister in the event of a Tory loss.

Which means... drum roll.... that Tom Harris thinks Labour will win the next election.

Maybe if he has 5 minutes, he could explain how that will happen.


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