Wednesday, 17 September 2008

They just can't help themselves

David Cairns parting shot as a Minister:

"I have never uttered a public word of criticism of our Labour government"

"For me it is an article of faith that the worst day of a Labour government is better than the best day of a Tory or
SNP one."


I'll give him the respect for not criticising his government despite Brown's policies leaving it open to criticism. It's what collective responsibility is all about.

But seriously... the disastrous economical position we are now in, the mess of Gordon Brown's leadership, calls for new leadership, a fifth leader for Labour in the Scottish Parliament in 9 years... is he actually claiming that that is a better situation than, say, the day the
SNP scrapped the graduate endowment for students? Or... well, I'm not old enough to remember any good days for the Tories, but there must be some that are better than some of the ones that Labour are facing at the moment.

Labour continue to look at their problems in the wrong way - and continue to attack where getting their own house in order would be more advisable. Until they do... days like this will continue to plague them.


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