Thursday, 11 September 2008

Gordon's highlights

"Awwww... naw. Mrs Brown forgot to subscribe to Setanta. Now I'll have to watch Eastenders instead...."

Gordon Brown has finally recognised the unfortunate situation that exists whereby fans of Scotland, England and Wales are unable to watch their team - unless they fork out for Setanta.

The Prime Minister has been fairly quiet on the issue up until now - to be fair, he probably didn't notice it before since it was only Scottish matches that were affected, and he tends to support England. But now that only 290,000 people saw highlights of England's (fairly stunning, I should say) victory over Croatia, it calls for comment on the football-airing situation. Indeed only 1.5m watched the England game live - a far cry from the 8-10m "Barmy Army" members who would usually tune in on BBC.

Am I spinning it that Gordon only takes note when its something that affects England? Maybe. But then, if a Scottish Prime Minister only takes note of something that affects Scotland when it affects England too, then surely, surely, that is one good reason to suppose we might be better off independent?


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