Monday, 1 September 2008

A long way to go

I was about to blog about the excellent behaviour of fans at yesterday's Old Firm match which I had the (mis)fortune and (dis)pleasure to attend. That is, until I saw this article on the BBC website, regarding an attack on Celtic coach Neil Lennon. The piece doesn't make clear whether this was a sectarian attack or merely GBH (which is bad enough) but alludes to this in the final paragraph.

Both Celtic and Rangers have made great strides against bigotry in recent years and, on the basis of yesterday's 90 minutes (at any rate) both they and former First Minister Jack McConnell deserve a lot of credit for the work done on this front. Sectarian songs were very much in the minority - with Celtic fans taunting their Rangers counterparts when the arrangements for Champions League tickets were announced which Rangers fans enjoyed their teams performance.

Certainly lots still to be done, but it does look like things are moving in the right direction - unlike Celtic's midfield, which, on the basis of yesterday's performance, is now clearly coached by Neil Lennon.


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